Emanuel Altenburger

Director of Photography - Director - Filmmaker

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Harmonia Mundi: Kristian Bezuidenhout - Mozart Sonatas vol. 4

"Kristian Bezuidenhout plays Mozart on the fortepiano like no-one else. ... He performs...with all the sensitivity, expressivity, flair and stylistic integrity that has marked him out as a supreme master of the early keyboard. ...the tone is vibrant, the music thoroughly engaging, and the genius of Mozart is brilliantly and eloquently served." (The Scotsman, UK, review of Volume 3)

Official websites: kristianbezuidenhout.com and harmoniamundi.com
Harmonia Mundi Store: store.harmoniamundi.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=kristian+bezuidenhout

A film by Emanuel Altenburger for Harmonia Mundi USA