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Cesti - L´ORONTEA | La Nuova Musica - David Bates

Opera in one prologue and three acts by Pietro Antonio Cesti
Libretto by Hiacinto Andrea Cicognini
World premiere: 1656, Innsbruck, Neues Hoftheater am Rennweg

Festwochen der Alten Musik, Innsbruck, August 2014

Musical director David Bates
Stage director Stefano Vizioli
Costumes Anna Maria Heinreich
Choreography Gloria Giordano

La Nuova Musica

Orontea - Giuseppina Bridelli mezzo soprano
Silandra - Solen Mainguené soprano
Aristea - David Hernández Anfruns tenor
Giacinta - Anat Edri soprano
Alidoro - Fernando Guimarães tenor
Corindo - Michał Czerniawski counter tenor
Creonte - Jeffrey Francis tenor
Gelone - Giorgio Celenza baritone
Tibrino - Aurora Faggioli mezzo soprano

A Film by Emanuel Altenburger


Love? Or philosophy? Which influence is stronger? On the basis of this question comes the first comedy of operatic history, “L’Orontea”, which was composed and premiered in Innsbruck in 1656. Chief composer Pietro Antonio Cesti began his victory tour through Europe from here, his victory seat and the opera became one of the most performed of the 17th century. “Orontea” celebrated its triumphant rediscovery in Innsbruck at the end of the 20th century. Now this early masterpiece will be taken on by remarkable competitors of the competition which is named after its composer. The delightful story of the Egyptian Princess Orontea, who has abjured love but is nevertheless enflamed by the handsome painter Alidoro, will now be told by BAROQUE OPERA:YOUNG in the place of its creation.